One Coconut, Two Drinks

The other day, I had my first crack with opening a young thai coconut-literally. It was actually easier than I imagined-and this is coming from a me-a person with extremely weak arms. The way I did it is actually different than the way I saw it done in youtube videos, and I personally find it easier. Butt you can either do it my way or some other way-it doesn’t really matter.


So about the two different drinks-one is a blended mixture of the coconut meat and water, and the other is just plain coconut water straight from the source (which by the way gives me a flavorgasm every time)

Speaking of fresh coconut water-commercial coconut water sold in store has no comparison to it. The fresh kind straight from the source tastes sooooo much better.

In addition to that, the weather in Seattle has been SO HOT this past week, so a drink as hydrating as this is really great!

I like to drink the drinks in the actual coconut just because, but you can have it in a glass too. And since I”m staying at home for the most of summer, having a nice tropical drink can almost transport me to some tropical island.


I think that the tree is tropical?
I think that the tree is tropical?


1 Young Thai Coconut

1 cup water


1. Put the coconut on its side, and using a chef’s knife, bring the blade down hard near the bottom of the triangle-shaped part on the top of the coconut (I like to think of a coconut shaped house, with the pointy part facing up-and the point is to chop that part off)

2. Once you get part of the outer skin indented, bring the coconut back up to its side-as you don’t want any delicious coconut water to spill out!

3. Pull of the rest of the top, and pour the coconut water through a fine mesh sieve into a large bowl

4. Using a spoon, scoop out the coconut meat and put in a separate bowl

5. In a blender, combine the coconut meat and a cup of water until smooth

6. Pour that mixture into the coconut, and drink!

7. After you’re done drinking that, you can pour the coconut water into the hollow shell and drink out of that!


How has your summer been? Are you enjoying the weather? And if you made this, let me know in the comments how it went. Also if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!